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Bujo Migration Kit

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Bujo Migration Kit
Bujo Migration Kit
Bujo Migration Kit
Bujo Migration Kit
Introducing the Bujo Migration Kit, hand designed and printed by me!

This migration starter kit makes setting up your core spreads in a new bullet journal quick and easy! Complete with a wide variety of headers and available in 2 different color schemes, this is sure to be useful for any bullet journalist, experienced or novice!

68 stickers
3 sheets
1 of each main header : "Year at a Glance", "Future Log", "Wishlist", "Brain Dump", "My Ideal Schedule", "Monthly Review", "Goals and Resolutions", "Key", "Index"
1 of each header : "Monthly", "Weekly", "Daily", "Holidays"
2 sets of monthly headers Jan-Dec
3 of each header : "Tasks", "Goalsls, "To-Do", "Notes"
1 time bar, from 7AM to 11PM
3 large blank headers
6 medium blank headers
9 small blank headers
Printed on matte sticker paper
**FREEBIES** sent with every order

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