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Gingerbread Village Monthly Kit

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Gingerbread Village Monthly Kit
Gingerbread Village Monthly Kit
Gingerbread Village Monthly Kit
Introducing my Gingerbread Village Monthly Kit, hand designed and printed by me!

This gingerbread cookie, christmas themed three-page sticker set is perfect for setting up your monthly spreads in your bullet journal or planner this holiday season! Be sure to also check out the matching "Gingerbread Houses" and "Holiday Gingerbread Cookies" doodle sheet as well as the "Monthly Kit Add-On" sheet!

79 stickers
3 sheets
5 large gingerbread themed rectangular headers
Monday thru Friday stickers in 4 styles
8 cookie flags
14 gingerbread houses
12 gingerbread men/women cookies
12 gingerbread christmas tree cookies
Printed on matte sticker paper
**FREEBIES** sent with every order

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