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DISCOUNTED 10-Sheet "Oops" Mystery Sticker Bundles!

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DISCOUNTED 10-Sheet "Oops" Mystery Sticker Bundles!

I'm selling 100 discounted 10-sheet "Oops" mystery sticker bundles!! An "Oops" bundle includes 10 imperfect sticker sheets at a HIGHLY discounted price of just $1 per sheet!

There are only 100 bundles available! Once this listing sells out, it will be removed.

The sticker sheets in these bundles include decorative stickers, functional stickers, monthly kit sheets, Patreon reward sheets, and past freebie sheets - some of which aren't available anywhere else! The bundle shown in the listing photo is an actual example of one of the 100 bundles.

The imperfections vary per sticker sheet -- some are more obvious, some are hardly noticeable, and some sheets aren't imperfect at all but weren't sold for some other reason, like being a mismatched monthly kit sheet. Nearly all of the stickers are totally useable despite the imperfections.

Possible Imperfections Include:

  • ripped or damaged sticker sheet
  • missing stickers/partially used sticker sheet
  • stickers cut too deep
  • stickers cut too shallow
  • cut lines are shifted
  • mismatch stickers from multiple sheets
  • some stickers on the sheet are not cut

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