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Vintage Science

Vintage Science Monthly Kit

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Vintage Science Monthly Kit

This vintage science themed three-page sticker set is perfect for setting up your monthly spreads in your bullet journal or planner!

Be sure to also check out the matching "Science Sketches" as well as the "Monthly Kit Add-On" sheet!

87 stickers
3 sheets
5 large vintage science headers
3 sets of Monday-Sunday headers
1 set of number stickers 1-31
4 small blank rectangles
6 ink splashes
1 of each: "Next", "Upcoming", "Goals, "Task List", "This Week"
1 of each: spine diagram, bee diagram, seratonin diagram, "Mendel's Laws of Inheritance" diagram, lab setup diagram, atom model, stegosaurus skeleton, DNA structure
2 floral diagrams
2 flasks
Printed on matte sticker paper

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