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Back To School Kit

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Back To School Kit
Back To School Kit
Back To School Kit
Back To School Kit
Back To School Kit

Introducing the Back To School Kit, over 90 stickers hand designed and printed by me! This 3-sheet kit has everything you need to set up your spreads for this semester.  It contains a full "Student Basics" sheet, large useful headers such as "Weekly Schedule"  and "Semester at a Glance", doodles, weekly headers, calendar boxes and more!  It's perfect for any student.


This kit is available in 4 different colors.  Scroll through the pictures to see examples of each color and see everything that is included.



98 stickers

3 sets of Review, Reading, Paper, Test, Study, Quiz, Homework, Final, Midterm, Project stickers

2 "Due Today", 2 "Due Tomorrow", 2 "Due This Week" stickers

3 sets of "Due", "Read", "Study", "Homework" fill-in stickers

"Semester at a Glance", "Class Information", "Weekly Schedule", "Assignment Tracker", "Grades Tracker" headers

4 sets of weekly headers

4 number strips

Four calendar boxes

3 blank headers

4 Doodles

Available in 4 different colors

Printed on matte sticker paper

**FREEBIES** sent with every order

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