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Cozy Monthly Kit

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Cozy Monthly Kit
Cozy Monthly Kit

Introducing my Cozy Monthly Kit, hand designed and printed by me! 


This warm and comforting three-page cozy themed set is perfect to set up all your monthly pages in your bullet journal!  It contains everything you need to set up your monthly spreads with no hassle, and will remind you of warm winter nights cozy by the fire.  



65 cozy themed stickers

Four large blank cozy themed headers for your monthly spreads

4 smaller blank headers -- book, candle, flower, and fireplace themed

Separate headers to insert in blank headers -- Finances, Habit Tracker, One Line a Day, Monthly Milestones, Brain Dump, Mood Tracker, and Monthly Dashboard

8 sleeping kitten stickers

8 "tea cups and books" stickers

9 blank colorful flag stickers

1 set of pink weekly headers

1 set of teacup weekly headers

1 set of book weekly headers

2 number strips

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