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Summer Bundle - with exclusive FREEBIE!

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Summer Bundle - with exclusive FREEBIE!
Summer Bundle - with exclusive FREEBIE!

It's time for a limited-time seasonal sticker bundle offer! This 13-sheet SUMMER sticker bundle comes with four (4) 3-sheet monthly sticker kits suited for springtime, and an exclusive freebie add-on sticker sheet matching those kits (scroll through the photos for a closer look)!

This bundle comes with 4 themed monthly kits - Firefly, Campfire, Sunflower, and Carnival!

13 sheets
1 Firefly monthly kit (3 sheets)
1 Campfire monthly kit (3 sheets)
1 Sunflower monthly kit (3 sheets)
1 Carnival monthly kit (3 sheets)
1 Exclusive Summer Bundle Add-On Freebie
Printed on matte sticker paper

**FREEBIES** sent with every order

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