Windows of the World Monthly Kit

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Windows of the World Monthly Kit
Windows of the World Monthly Kit
Introducing my Windows of the World Monthly Kit, hand designed and printed by me! 

This Windows of the World monthly kit is perfect for setting up some colorful, worldly spreads in your journal.  Including views from all over the world, these stickers are perfect for setting up your monthly bullet journal spreads.

Be sure to also check out the matching "Window Views" sheet.

64 stickers
3 sheets
3 large vertical windows
3 large horizontal windows
2 sets of weekly headers
1 set of window weekly headers
11 flags
7 washi tape strips
2 sets of seashells
2 coffee/tea cups
1 teapot set
1 flower vase
1 table
1 pillow
1 cat
1 mimosa
1 candle
1 rice and chopsticks
1 Eiffel tower
2 houseplants
2 sets of books
Printed on matte sticker paper
**FREEBIES** sent with every order

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